Dental Hygiene by Rina
106-10 Parr Blvd | Bolton, ON L7E 4G9 | 905-857-8200

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Dental Hygiene by Rina

An Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic

Dental Hygiene by Rina is an Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic located in Bolton, Ontario, Canada. We are the first of its kind in our community. We are proud to provide a welcoming alternative where you can receive customized preventive dental hygiene care. We offer treatment to clients of all ages including children, adults and seniors in a comfortable relaxing environment. Dental Hygiene by Rina was founded to provide the community of Bolton and surrounding area with an alternative to your traditional dental office for dental hygiene services. Dental Hygiene by Rina is time effective and cost effective. Appointments are made easily and conveniently to accommodate your schedule with minimal wait time. The ODHA fee guide is 10%-30% less than the ODA fee guide ( depending on procedures ). This means a savings for you and also your employer if submitting claims to an insurance carrier.

Treatment plans are customized for each individuals needs and flexible to suit your concerns.

We offer a referral to a local Dentist that we know and trust, and believes in the same values and philosophy as we do. Working together with your Independent Dental Hygienist to achieve optimal oral health!

For many of you the world of Independent Dental Hygiene is very new. Please contact me directly with any questions. I would like the opportunity to provide you with the information you need to help ease your mind.

The Mouth Indicator of Human Health

The mouth is an indicator of human health. A poor oral condition makes way for bacteria and parasitic infections which affect our health. Don’t put yourself at risk, a thorough assessment can determine whether you have gum disease. Treatments are available.

Gum disease can increase your risk to internal disease. Bacteria can enter the blood stream and travel to major organs where it can begin new infections, contribute to heart disease, increase risk of stroke, increase risk of preterm babies, and low birth weight. Gum disease can pose a threat to people with immune deficiencies, diabetes, respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis and research now shows a link of poor oral health to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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